About Grace TV


By merely looking around, it does not take long for one to realize that the majority of Earth’s population still live in the darkness and bondage of sin. The world is in a frantic mess that seems only to be getting worse by the day.

Although there are pockets of people whose lives are being miraculously transformed, renewed, revived and saved by the power of God as the Gospel is preached, this accounts for only a tiny fraction of the Earth’s population. Statistically speaking, of the 55 million people who die every year across the globe, less than 10% of them (i.e. 5.5 million people) can be considered to be genuinely born again and committed Christians. According to the Bible, this would mean that approximately 49.5 million people go to eternal damnation every year. More must be done to reach these precious souls!

As the Lord has said, the harvest is indeed plentiful but the labourers are few. (Luke 10:2 & Mat 9:37). The world is waiting for a messenger to bring them the Good News of Jesus Christ. But who shall go?

Birthed out of a sincere desire to reach those crying for salvation, Grace TV was formed. Taking full advantage of modern technology, the network reaches an estimated 100 million households across Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and North America. The network stands tall as a “beacon of light” in the darkness with the ability to reach its viewers with the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ via free-to-air satellite, internet stream or mobile phone application in order to empower, exhort, encourage and bless them 24/7 wherever they may be.

Grace TV is a purely faith-based network operated by a team of gifted men and women who are fully committed to the Glory of God and who will ensure that only content which falls in to the category of being doctrinally sound, spiritually edifying, recreational or educational reaches its viewers.

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